Sunday, April 22, 2018

Could it be the third?

We've been seriously planning to TTC after Ramadhan. In Ramadhan I prayed hard to be granted our second child. Religiously taking Herbalife shake, Calcium Plus, Acid Folic.
My last period cycle is 22-26 June 2016.
So my chronology of symptoms: Tarikh stated masa first time rasa but throughout the pregnancy semua ni comes on off berganti-ganti, ada yang sentiasa rasa sepanjang masa.
25-26 July 2016 Constantly hungry but No appetite. Cough and stuffed nose. Mild fever. Banyak kahak.
27-28 July 2016 Heavy discharge. Sakit pinggang. Muntah. Loya. 28 Maghrib sakit sangat lower abdomen, kena baring je  dalam setengah jam.
27 & 29 July 2016 bangun dengan rasa lapar amat. Lepas solat subuh terus makan nasi.
30 July 2016 Joint pain especially knee. Lower abdomen pain.
31 July 2016 Lower abdomen cramps. Mild heartburn.

Just found out I didnt finish this post, but we did an ultrasound. And the sac is empty. The third is coming in 2018, maybe? The year i'm typing this... :)

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